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■新譜 (2009年暮れ発売を含む)
Alessandro Carbonare / Virtuoso Clarinet Favorites
Asia / Omega
Brian Eno / Small Craft On A Milk Sea
Bryan Ferry / Olympia (with DVD)
Brian Wilson / Reimagines Gershurin
David Sylvian / Sleepwalkers
Clementine / Bossa Du Anime (アニメンティーヌ)
The Durutti Column / Paean To Wilson
Eddie Jobson's Ultimate Zero / Ultimate Zero Tour-Live (2CD)
Flaming Lips & Stardeath And White Dwarfs / The Dark Side Of The Moon
Iron Maiden / The Final Frontier (Mission Edition)
Jeff Beck / Emotion & Commotion
Jeff Beck / Emotion & Commotion (Special Edition with DVD)
Kiss / Sonic Boom (2CD + DVD)
Klaus Schulze / Big In Japan (2CD + DVD)
Marillion / Less Is More
Neil Young / Le Noise
Orb featuring David Gilmour / Metallic Spheres
Orb featuring David Gilmour / Metallic Spheres (2CD Edition)
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark / History Of Modern (with DVD)
Ozzy Osbourne / Scream
Ozzy Osbourne / Screm (Tour Edition 2CD)
Pat Metheny / Orchestrion
Peter Gabriel / Scratch My Back
Phil Collins / Going Back (with DVD)
Richard Pinhas / Metal/Crystal (2CD)
Robert Wyatt Atzmon Stephen/ for the fhosts within' (with PAL DVD)
Scorpions / Sting In The Tail (Deluxe Edition with DVD)
Steve Hackett / Out Of The Tunnel's Mouth (2CD)
Stickmen / Soup
Susan Boyle / Gift
Transatlantic / The Whirlwind (2CD)

アンジェラ・アキ / Life (with DVD)
amU / Prism
Aira Mitsuki / ??? (スリークエスチョン with DVD)
Destrose / 破壊の薔薇
Perfume / ナチュラルに恋して (with DVD)
Perfume / Voice (with DVD)
Perfume / ねぇ (with DVD)
Saori@destiny / World Wild 2010
Scandal / Temptation Box (with DVD)
Scandal / Temptation Box (with Photo Book)
Superfly / Wildflower & Cover Songs; Complete Best (3CD)
Sweet Vacaion / Cover The Vacation!!
Sweet Vacation / Re 未来派宣言 (with DVD)
南波志帆 / ごめんね私
バニラビーンズ / Def & Def
バニラビーンズ / VaniBest

■K-POP Girls
KARA / The First Bloooooming
KARA / 1st Mini Album
KARA / 2nd Mini Album, Pretty Girl
KARA / 2nd Mini Album, Pretty Girl Special Edition
KARA / 2nd Album, Revolution
KARA / 3rd Mini Album, Lupin
KARA / 4th Mini Album, Jumping
KARA / Best 2007-2010 (with DVD)
KARA / Girls Talk (with DVD)
少女時代 / Run Devil Run
少女時代 / Hoot
少女時代 / Hoot (豪華初回限定盤 with DVD)
2NE1 / 1st Mini Album
2NE1 / 1集: To Anyone
4minute / First / Dreams Come True (A) (with DVD)
4minute / First / Dreams Come True (B) (with DVD)
After School / Happy Pledis
Brown Eyed Girls / Vol.3: Sound G -Repackage
f(x) / Nu Abo
Group Of 20 / Let's Go
Miss A / Bad But Good
Miss A / 2nd Single: Step Up
Orange Caramel / 1st Mini Album
Orange Caramel / 2nid Mini Album : アイン
Rainbow / 1st Mini Album: Gossip Girl
Secret / 1st Mini Album: Secret Time
Secret / 2nd Mini Album: Madonna
Siatar / 1st Single: Push Push
Sistar / 2nd Single: Shady Girl
Sistar / 3rd Single: あなたなんて
T-ARA / Breaking Heart (Repackage Edition)
T-ARA / Temptastic
Wonder Girls / 2 Different Tears

Alan Parsons Project / Original Album Classics (5CD)
Alcatrazz / Live 83
Asia / Spirit Of The Night - Live In Cambridge 2009 (with DVD)
Asia / High Voltage Festival (2CD)
Black Sabbath / Heaven And Hell (Deluxe Edition 2CD)
Black Sabbath / Mob Rules (Deluxe Edition 2CD)
Black Sabbath / Seventh Star (Deluxe Edition 2CD)
Black Sabbath / The Eternal Idol (Deluxe Edition 2CD)
Camel / Rainbow's End : An Anthology 1973 - 1985 (4CD)
Camel / Breathless (Remaster)
Camel / I Can See Your House From Here (Remaster)
Camel / Nude (Remaster)
Camel / Pressure Points (Remaster 2CD)
Can / Tago Mago (Remaster Blu-Spec CD 紙ジャケ)
Can / Ege Bamyasi (Remaster Blu-Spec CD 紙ジャケ)
Can / Future Days (Remaster Blu-Spec CD 紙ジャケ)
Can / Soon Over Babaluma (Remaster Blu-Spec CD 紙ジャケ)
David Bowie / Station To Station : Special Edition (3CD)
Depeche Mode / Souds Of The Universe (Deluxe Box Set 3CD + DVD)
Dio / At Donington UK : Live 1983 & 1987 (2CD)
Emerson Lake & Palmer : A Time And A Place (4CD)
Emerson Lake & Oakner / High Voltage Festival (2CD)
Emerson Lake & Powell / The Sprocket
Gentle Giant / Intervies (Remaster)
Gentle Giant / Playing The Fool (Remaster)
Gentle Giant / Missing Piece (Remaster)
Gentle Giant / Giant For A Day (Remaster)
Harmonia & Eno / '76 Tracks And Traces Remixed
Heaven & Hell / Neon Nights, Live at Wacken 2009 (with DVD)
IQ / The Wake : 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition (3CD + 1DVD)
It Bites / It's Live (2CD)
Judas Priest / British Steel 30th Anniversary Edition (with DVD)
King Crimson / In The Wake Of Poseidon : 40th Anniversary Series (with DVD)
King Crimson / Islands : 40th Anniversary Series (with DVD)
King Crimson / Live In Japan 1995 (2CD)
Klaus Schulze / La Vie Electronique 3 (3CD)
Klaus Schulze / La Vie Electronique 4 (3CD)
Klaus Schulze / La Vie Electronique 5 (3CD)
Klaus Schulze / La Vie Electronique 6 (3CD)
Marillion / The Official Bootleg Box Set Vol.2 (8CD)
Metallica / Orgullo, Pasion, Y Gloria (2CD + 2DVD)
Michael Schenker Group / Assault Attack (Remaster)
Michael Schenker Group / Built To Destroy (Remaster)
Michael Schenker Group / Rock Will Never Die (Remaster)
MIke Oldfield / Hergest Ridge (Deluxe Edition 2CD with DVD))
Mike Oldfield / Ommadawn (Deluxe Edition 2CD with DVD)
Miles Davis / Bitches Brew (40th Anniversary Collector's Edition (3CD + 2LP + DVD)
Neil Young / Dreamin' Man Live '92
Opeth / In Concert At The Royal Albert Hall (3CD + 2DVD)
Paul McCartney & Wings / Band On The Run (Super Deluxe Edition 3CD + DVD)
Public Image Ltd. / Metal Box (Vinyl Replica Edition)
Public Image Ltd. / Alife 2009: Live At Brixton Academy 2009 (3CD)
Queensryche / Empire (20th Anniversary Edition 2CD)
Radiohead / In Rainbows (with Bonus Disc)
Soft Machine / Soft Machine NDR JAZZ WORKSHOP (with DVD)
Soft Machine / Softs (Remaster)
Soft Machine / Alive And Well (Remaster 2CD)
Soft Machine / Land Of Cockayne (Remaster)
Steve Hackett / Spectral Mornings Live Rockpalast 1978 (with DVD)
Tangerine Dream / Live In Japan "IZU" (2CD)
t.A.T.u. / Waste Management
Transatlantic / Whirld Tour 2010 (3CD + 2DVD)
The Who Live At Leeds (4CD + 1LP + 1EP)
Wishbone Ash / Live Date 2 (2CD)
Yes / Keys To Ascention (4CD + DVD set)
Yes / Yes Songs (紙ジャケ リマスター 2CD)
キダ・タロー / キダ・タローのほんまに全て (3CD)
美狂乱 / 五蘊
美狂乱 / 風魔 -ライブ Vol.2 -
美狂乱 / 乱 -ライブ Vol.3 -
美狂乱 / まどろみLive Vol.4
美狂乱 / 凶暴な音楽

Aksak Maboul / Onze Danses Pour Combattre La Migraine
Aksak Maboul / Un Peu de l'Ame des Bandits
Ange / Tom Vi
Area / Concert Teatro Uomo (紙ジャケ 2CD)
Allan Holdsworth / Road Games (紙ジャケ)
Allan Holdsworth / The Best Of Allan Holdsworth Against The Clock (2CD)
Allan Holdsworth / Blues For Tony (2CD)
The Alan Parsons Project / I Robot (Remaster)
The Alan Parsons Project / Eye In The Sky (Remaster)
The Alan Parsons Project / Ammonia Avenue (Remaster)
The Alan Parsons Project / Vulture Culture (Remaster)
Arditti String Quartet / Karlheinz Stockhausen Helikopter-Streichquartett
Asia / Gold (Remaster 2CD)
Billy Cobham / Spectrum
Black Sabbath / Rules Of Hell (Remaster 5CD)
Black Sabbath / The Dio Years (with DVD)
Bryan Ferry / Dylanesque
Conrad Schnitzler / Con (紙ジャケ)
Cozy Powell / Over The Top
Cozy Powell / Tilt
Curved Air / Air Cut (Remaster)
David Bowie / Live Santa Monica '72
Def Leppard / Pyromania (Deluxe Edition 2CD)
Def Leppard / Hysteria (Deluxe Edition 2CD)
Dio / Holy Diver
Dio / Last In LIne
Discharge / Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing (Remaster)
Dream Theater / Live At Budokan (3CD)
Dream Theater / Black Clouds & Silver Lining (Special Edition 3CD)
Duran Duran / Osaka July 7, 2003 (2CD)
Duran Duran / Fukuoka July 8, 2003 (2CD)
Duran Duran / Tokyo July 11, 2003 (2CD)
Egg / The Civil Surface
Emerson Lake & Palmer / Live At Royal Albert Hall
Foreigner / Original Album Series (5CD)
Frank Zappa / Zappa Waxoo (2CD)
Frank Zappa / Just Another Band From L.A.
Genesis / Herning, DK 14. 06. 07 (2CD)
Genesis / Hamburg, DE 15. 06. 07 (2CD)
Gentle Giant / Out Of The Fire (2CD)
Gentle Giant / Under Construction (2CD)
Gentle Giant / In A Pallesport House
Gentle Giant / Interview In Concert
Gentle Giant / Endless Life (2CD)
Gentle Giant / The Missing Face
Gentle Giant / Prologue (2CD)
Glen Gould / Bach partita no5, no6
Glen Gould / String Quartet, Op.1
Glen Gould / Bach: The Goldberg Variations
Glen Gould / Enoch Arden
Glen Gould / Bach: Three Keyboard Concertos
Glen Gould / Bach: Keyboard Concertos, Vol.ii
Glen Gould / Beethoven Piano Concerto No.3 In C Mior
Glen Gould / Haydn: Sonata No.3 In E Flat Major etc.
Glen Gould / Beethoven: Concerto No.2 In B Flat Major etc.
Glen Gould / Bach Concerto In F Major etc.
Glen Gould / Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier
Glen Gould / Bach: The Art Of The Fugue
Glen Gould / Bach: The Twho And Three Part Inventions
Glen Gould / Bach: Partita No.3 In A Minor etc.
Glen Gould / Bach: Preludes Fughetias And Fugues
Glen Gould / Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier Book2
Glen Gould / Bach: The Three Sonatas For Viola Da Gamba And Harpsichord
Glen Gould / Richard Strauss: Sonata, OP.5
Glen Gould / Bach: Toccatas Vol.1
Glen Gould / Bach: Toccatas Vol.2
Glen Gould / Silver Jubilee Alubum (2CD)
Glen Gould / Bach: The Goldberg Variations (1981)
Glen Gould / Brahms Ballades, Op.10 etc.
Hawkwind / Space Ritual (Collectors Edition 2CD + DVD)
Heaven & Hell / Devil You Know
Iron Maiden / Death On The Road (2CD)
Iron Maiden / Flight 666 (2CD)
Jeff Beck / Blow BY Blow (Remaster, Blu-Spec CD)
Jeff Beck / Truth (Remaster)
Jeff Beck / Wired (Remaster)
Jeff Beck Group / Roght And Ready (紙ジャケ)
Jeff Beck & The Big Town Playboys / Crazy Legs
Jethro Tull / A (with DVD)
Jimmy Page/David Coverdale / Coverdale Page
John Lennon / Walls And Bridges (紙ジャケ)
Joni Mithcell / Shadows And Light (Remaster 2CD)
Kate Bush / The Kich Inside (紙ジャケ)
Kate Bush / Lionheart (紙ジャケ)
Kate Bush / Never For Ever (紙ジャケ)
Klaus Schulze / Live At Klangart (2CD)
The Keith Tippett Group / Dedicated To You, But You Weren't Listening (Remster)
Liquid Tension Experiment / Liquid Tension Experiment
Liquid Tension Experiment / Liquid Tension Experiment2
Magma / Attahk (紙ジャケ)
Mahavishnu Orchestra / Birds Of Fire
Mahavishnu Orchestra / Between Nothingness & Eternity
Mahavishnu Orchestra / Visions Of The Emerald Beyond
Mahavishnu Orchestra / Apocalypse
Martha Argerich / The Collectio Vol.1 : The Solo Recordings (8CD)
Martha Argerich / The Collectio Vol.2 : The Concerto Recordings (7CD)
Mike & The MEchanics / Living Years
Michael Schenker Group / One Night At Budokan (Remaster 2CD)
MIchael Schenker Group / The Mad Axeman Live (4CD)
Nancy Sinatra / Essential
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark / Architecture & Morality Dark (Remaster)
Ozzy Osbourne / Bark At The Moon (Remaster)
Ozzy Osbourne / No Rest For THe Wicked (Remaster)
Ozzy Osbourne / No More Tears (Remaster)
Ozzy Osbourne / Under Covers
Phil Manzanera / Diamond Head (Remaster)
Phil Manzanera / Listen Now (Remaster)
The Pop Group / Y
Queensryche / Operation Live Crime (Remaster)
Radiohead / OK Computer (Collectors Editio 2CD + DVD)
Renaissance / Renaissance
Renaissance / Illusion
Renaissance / Prologue
Renaissance / Ashes Are Burnning
Renaissance / Turn Of The Cars
Renaissance / Scheherazade And Other Stories (with DVD)
Renaissance / Novella
Renaissance / A Song For All Seasons
Renaissance / Azure D'or
Renaissance / British Tour 76
Robert Wyatt / Orchestre National De Jass Around Robert Wyatt (2CD)
Roger Waters & Ron Geesin / Music From "The Body"
Roxy Music / Roxy Music (紙ジャケ)
Roxy Music / For Your Pleasure (紙ジャケ)
Roxy Music / Stranded (紙ジャケ)
Roxy Music / Country Life (紙ジャケ)
Roxy Music / Viva! Roxy Music (紙ジャケ)
Roxy Music / Manifesto (紙ジャケ)
Roxy Music / Flesh & Blood (紙ジャケ)
Roxy Music / Avalon (紙ジャケ)
Roxy Music / Heart Still Beating (紙ジャケ)
Roxy Music / Live At Rainbow Music Hall
Rush / Rush (紙ジャケ)
Rush / Fly By Night (紙ジャケ)
Rush / Caress Of Steel (紙ジャケ)
Rush / Farewell To Kings (紙ジャケ)
Rush / Hemispheres (紙ジャケ)
Rush / Grace Under Pressure (紙ジャケ)
Rush / Power Windows (紙ジャケ)
Rush / Snakes & Arrows Live (日本盤 2CD)
Marillion / Fugazi (Remaster 紙ジャケ)
Marillion / Real To Reel (Remaster 紙ジャケ)
Marillion / Thieving Magpie (Remaster 2CD)
Marillion / Clutching At Straws (Remaster 紙ジャケ)
Scorpions / In Trance + Virgin Killer Axe Killer Warrior's Set (2CD)
Scorpions / Taken By Force (Remaster)
Scorpions / Moment Of Glory Berliner Philharmoniker Live (with DVD)
Soft Machine / Drop
Soft Machine / Middle Earth Masters
Sonic Youth / Eternal (2CD + T-shirts)
Steve Hackett / Bay Of Kings
Steve Hackett / Till We Have Faces
Steve Hackett / Momentum
Steve Hackett / A Midsummer Night's Dream
Steve Hackett / Metamorpheus
Steve Hackett / Tribute
Steve Vai / Flexable
UFO / Live Throughout The Years (4CD)
Uli Jon Roth / Live At Castle Donington (2CD + DVD)
Van Halen / Fair Warning (Remaster)
Venom / Welcome To Hell (Remaster)
Venom / Black Metal (with DVD)
Weater Report / Forecast: Tomorrow (3CD + DVD)
The Who / Yokohama 24. 07. 04 (2CD)
The Who / Osaka 25. 07. 04 (2CD)
Wishbone Ash / Argus Deluxe Edition (2CD)
Wishbone Ash / 40th Live In London (with DVD)

Aira Mitsuki / カラフル・トーキョーサウンズ: No.9
Aira Mitsuki / チャイナ ディスコティカ
Aira Mitsuki / サヨナラ Technopolis
Aira Mitsuki / Barbie Barbie
Aira Mitsuki / Copy
Aira Mitsuki / Plastic (A) (with DVD)
Aira Mitsuki / Plastic (B) (2CD)
Saori@destiny / My Boy
Saori@destiny / Sakura
Saori@destiny / Japanese Chaos
Saori@destiny / Wow War Techno
Sweet Vacation / Do THe Vacation!!
Sweet Vacation / More The Vacation!!
Sweet Vacation / I Miss You (with DVD)
Sweet Vacation / さよならマイデイズ (with DVD)
Sweet Vacation / Pop Save The World!! (with DVD)
新月 / 新月
美狂乱 / 美狂乱
美狂乱 / パララックス
Novela / 魅惑劇
Novela / In The Night
Novela / Sanctuary
INU / メシ喰うな!
本田美奈子 / 心を込めて
南波志帆 / はじめまして、私。
南波志帆 / ティーンエイジ・シンフォニー
南波志帆 / 君に届くかな、私
橋本一子 x AQ / Arc'd-X
バニラビーンズ / ニコラ
バニラビーンズ / サカサカサーカス
バニラビーンズ / バニラビーンズ
バニラビーンズ / Love & Hate (Love Version)
バニラビーンズ / Love & Hate (Hate Version)





新譜はワイアット、フェリー、イーノの新譜が出るという凄い年で、ガブリエルもカバー・アルバムを出して、充実した年でしたが、ベストは私の人生を超遅れてきた韓流ブームにのめりこませてしまったKARAの"Girls Talk"です。韓国リリースのもののほうが良いですが、全てのきっかけはこのアルバムだったので・・・。

再発・新発掘音源ものでは、やはりMike Oldfieldの"Hergest Ridge"のオリジナル・ヴァージョンを収録したデラックス・エディションでしょう。この日を長く待っていたマイク・ファンは多かったはず。Soft Madhineの"Alive And Well"も未発表音源満載のボーナス・ディスクがついての再発で、当時のコンサートの全貌を知ることができて良かったです。

来年はCDからPCオーディオに移行していければと思います。Peter Gabriel, Paul McCartneyの24bit オーディオ・ダウンロードなんかも軌道にのってるみたいだし、高品質オーディオ・データはこれから商売になるのではないでしょうか。6千枚のCDをHDに音楽データを移行して、全部処分できたら、さぞ部屋が広くなるだろうなー。



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投稿: トースケ | 2011/01/01 22:06




Rushの"SIGNALS"ですが、私もアナログ盤時代は、音質がいまいちだなーと思ってみました。Mobile Fidelityから出たオリジナル・マスター使用のゴールドCDを買って、さらにリマスターも買ってしまいました。



CDに関しては、Decca盤と比較してEsoteric盤が格段に向上しているという印象はさほど受けませんでした。リマスターしてちょっとメリハリあるようですが、もっと厳密に聴き込まないと何ともいえませんが・・・。Esoteric盤はボーナス・トラックとして"Rainbow's End"が1曲入っているので、それはレアです。

投稿: tangerine | 2011/01/02 00:19


P.FLOYDの「鬱」ツアーには行っとくんだったなぁと、後に出た「Delicate Sound Of Thunder」のLDを観て死ぬほど後悔しています.

投稿: トースケ | 2011/01/02 23:58


RUSH,Tangerine Dreamは私も初来日公演を見ましたが、CamelやMike Oldfieldも見ておられるのですね。羨ましいです。Camelは80年の2度目でしょうか。いいなー。Mikeは私もドイツで3回見ましたが、やはり82年の1回のみの来日公演を見たかったです・・・。

フロイドは3回見ることができました。"Delicate Sound Of Thunder"は公式ソフト化はされていないですね。ブラジル製の非公式DVDは出回っているようですが。どうせ再発するなら完全版にしてほしいなーと思っています。

投稿: tangerine | 2011/01/06 14:45



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